By definition, real estate development is inherently multifaceted. Combined with the fact that the real estate market is more complicated today than it has ever been, it is critical now more than ever to ensure that you employ the most skilled professionals to identify the opportunities, navigate the obstacles, and ensure that your investment is carefully managed and highly profitable.

With Partin Development, the many layers and facets of real estate development are brought under one roof, simplifying the entire process, synchronizing your project from start to finish, and providing a turn-key solution for your multifamily development.



The pre-construction planning phase of every project is arguably the most important in the development process. Land purchase negotiation and acquisition along with secure financing and proforma modeling lay the proverbial foundation for each project. Partin Development’s careful handling during the early stages of development set the tone for the remainder of each project, ensuring the proper preparation is in place for uninhibited progress and guaranteed success.



In collaboration with Strategic Construction, Partin Development brings an unparalleled level of experience to the construction phase of your project. Our expert understanding of general contracting and design and build services along with specialization in conventional, HUD, and tax-credit multi-family construction provides our clients with effective and efficient service for virtually any project. Along with Partin Development, Strategic’s Construction team ensures timely completion, quality, and profitability.



Our work is not done until your project is sold and our management of your investment has been fully satisfied. Working with Partin and Associates, we provide our clients with a unique level of specialized experience handling the profitable sale of your asset. Our services seamlessly start where the construction phase ends, putting your mind at ease knowing every phase of your project is in good hands and will be managed by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. Partin Development provides you with a one-of-a-kind multifamily development turnkey solution.